Florida’s Space Coast

TikTok Astronaut Campaign

Finding Your Space Online

It’s always nice to put a face to a name. Whether you’re talking about a person or a brand, this adage holds true. It’s this human truth that inspired us to develop a brand mascot who personifies the fun-loving spirit of the Space Coast Office of Tourism.

What We Did

Social Media, Creative, Account Services

How It Mattered

Capturing the essence of the Space Coast and distilling it into a unique personality humanizes the brand in a way that allows for the creation of on-trend content in real-time, meaning better engagement and stronger emotional connections with consumers.

The Mission Objective

If a brand isn’t on TikTok, do they really exist? While it sounds hyperbolic, in this day and age the social media platform is many consumers’ first step when researching products, services, brands, and vacation destinations. The Space Coast Office of Tourism knew they needed to increase their presence on the app, they just needed to find the right angle. A way to create unique and engaging content while educating users on all the Space Coast has to offer.

Prepare for Launch

It may be literal, but space is what sets the Space Coast apart so what better way to personify it than an actual astronaut… Well not an actual astronaut, but you know what we mean. Before the launch of SCOT’s new mascot, their TikTok content was primarily educational or destination based, but through our research we found that 72% of people over the age of 26 want to see humorous content from brands. We saw this as an opportunity to create a foothold in the trending and entertaining content space.

Together the &Barr and SCOT teams created a distinctive personality with the comedic timing necessary for TikTok and the intellect of an experienced astronaut, inspired by beloved household names like Jimmy Fallon and Neil Armstrong. This was a full-scale endeavor, involving everything from character development, casting, photoshoot planning and execution to content calendar development, video editing and platform management. All the fixings necessary to raise brand awareness and build the foundation for long-term success.

The Results

Since the introduction of the astronaut mascot, the Visit Space Coast TikTok account has gained 477 new followers, 137 who followed immediately after seeing an astronaut video on their “For You” page. Videos featuring the astronaut have an average watch time of 6.8 seconds, double the industry benchmark of 3.3 seconds. So far, videos featuring the mascot have reached an audience of over 27,000 unique viewers while garnering over 2,000 likes and engagements. And this is only the beginning!

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