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A Few More Words About &Barr

Fry/Hammond/Barr first opened its doors in 1957 with the goal of creating work that got results for clients. Over the years, those clients have included everyone from household name brands to innovative startups to world-changing non-profits. Though the faces on our team (including one former U.S. President*) have changed significantly over the decades, one thing has remained constant: the way we partner with our clients.

In 2015, we decided it was time to truly put that mentality at the forefront of everything we do. Literally. So we unveiled &Barr, strategically named to reflect our partnership-focused philosophy. A philosophy that puts our clients first and underscores our commitment to working with them, not simply for them.

Today, &Barr is going stronger than ever. With an agency-wide renaissance and an innovative spirit that has evolved with the times, we’re doing work that, well, works. We’re also extremely proud to be a family-owned agency, one of handful in the nation. That means a lot. We think it says even more. It says that we’ve outlasted trends, outsmarted the naysayers and out-performed the others.

More than six decades after opening our doors, we’re still here. Still working. Still growing. Still learning.

And we’re not going anywhere except forward.

*Yes, really.