Habitat For Humanity: Greater Orlando & Osceola County

Organic Social Media Strategy

Building a Foundation

Whether it’s houses or organic social, Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County knows just as well as anyone how important it is to lay a solid foundation to build a prosperous future.

What We Did

Social Media, Creative, Account Services

How It Mattered

We established an organic social media process and strategy as well as engaging content that led to increased brand awareness with significant spikes in follower growth, engagement, and impressions.

An Online Opportunity

In the digital age, consumers start online when looking for news, information, and resources. The first step is having an online presence, but once the social media pages are created, many brands aren’t sure what is next. And when you’re unsure of processes and best practices, you leave the potential of a huge market untapped, limiting your awareness and growth.

From the Ground Up

To start, the &Barr team built a comprehensive social media strategy for all platforms. We then worked with our partners at Habitat on platform strategy, created a content calendar inclusive of image, copy and deployment timing recommendations, and provided quarterly performance reports. Achieving our goal of creating a social structure and strategic plan, the client can confidently maintain as they grow their online presence.

The Results

Better than anyone, Habitat understands the value of creating opportunities to grow, so once they had the right resources, they made the most of their online presence. Take their audience growth compared to the nine months prior, for example. Between their profiles on three platforms, they saw an overall growth in followers of 10.1%. The one thing we can’t measure is the satisfaction we feel when we give clients the resources and know-how they need to achieve their long-term goals.

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