AAA Hertz Member Discount Campaign

From Turnkey to Car Keys

&Barr and the AAA Business Solutions Group (BSG) partnered to create a turnkey campaign for their biggest Hertz sale of the year that allowed individual clubs to participate without having to utilize their own resources.

What We Did

Digital Media & Analytics, Media, Media Planning & Buying

How It Mattered

Overall, the campaign drove more than 4.4 million impressions resulting in 1,358 Hertz bookings.

Low Visibility

Low visibility can make for poor driving and marketing conditions. We found that outside of club-owned websites, visibility online for AAA Hertz discounts was low. With the ultimate goal of increasing member awareness of the Hertz AAA member discount, AAA Business Solutions Group looked to &Barr as their strategic partner to support with a full funnel media recommendation that would lift site traffic and drive bookings.

Ready-Made Marketing

To remove financial barriers to entry, &Barr and AAA Business Solution Group created a tailored proposal for clubs to promote this special offer based on their fund allotment. Subsequently, we created a turnkey integrated “campaign in a box” focused on awareness and direct response that allowed clubs to engage in digital advertising without having to utilize any of their own resources. Additionally, &Barr worked with the AAA Travel technology team to implement all relevant tracking to optimize and report performance.


During the month-long sale, the campaign drove almost 1,400 bookings, which was an increase of 376% YOY.

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