Nemours Children’s Hospital

“Thank You”

In addition to winning multiple awards, the campaign did what it needed to: build awareness for a hospital and specialists that deserved every bit of recognition they received.

We asked ourselves, “What does a parent say to the doctor who saves their child’s life?” The emotional idea spurred an equally emotional execution: to have Nemours doctors read, on camera, thank-you letters written by the family members of patients whose lives they so dramatically impacted.

What We Did

Branding/Concept Generation, Media, TV, Long-Format Video

How It Mattered

Although a highly celebrated hospital, Nemours Children’s Hospital was still an unknown resource to many families. Ultimately, we needed to promote several of Nemours’ specialties in a way that would make a strong emotional connection with parents while simultaneously showcasing the warmth and dedication of their physicians.

Capturing A Sincere Moment


Nemours physicians knew they would be filmed but were not told in advance that they would be receiving the letters. The resulting commercials not only showcased each physician’s expertise but, by showing their unrehearsed reactions to the letters, humanized them in a relatable and memorable way.

Real Kids. Real Life.


To create six broadcast spots, as well as several long-format social videos, we traveled all around Central Florida and the Delaware Valley. Our goal was to spend quality time with each patient family to bring their powerful stories to life.

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