Rosen Hotels & Resorts

“Rosen Revealed”

A 120% return on investment from the first meeting booked resulted from the extensive campaign.

&Barr created a series of immersive events called “Rosen Revealed” to showcase the updated Rosen brand difference. The highly conceptual and involved experiential campaign and engagement initiative targeted 40 to 50 A-list event and meeting planners in six cities across the country: San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Alexandria and Chicago.

What We Did

Branding/Concept Generation, Digital/Mobile, Innovative Collateral, Engaging Website, Hi-Tech, Interactive Direct Mail Piece, Promotional Piece, Video/Audio/Music, Virtual Reality Interactive Experience for Events

How It Mattered

Event planners are among the largest recipients of self-promotional pieces out there. So, how could &Barr help Rosen Hotels & Resorts stand out? By engaging on a level unlike anything they’ve ever experienced while clearly communicating the Rosen Difference.

Interactive Invitation


The invite featured both video and press-to-call features for an interactive experience that captured attention (and imagination).

Save-the-Date and Event Invite


The save-the-date brochure was printed with invisible ink and came with a UV light pen that allowed for the “secret” message to be revealed.

Party Time


We held swanky cocktail receptions for event planners in speakeasy venues in all six cities.

Custom Travel Bar Set Gift


Attendees received the thirst-quenching set at the events. Each consisted of a bottle of local spirits and a full mixology kit, as well as special drink recipes from Rosen Shingle Creek, Rosen Centre and Rosen Plaza hotels.

360-Degree Virtual Reality Tours


We created HD video tours that allowed attendees to experience the properties. In addition to VR headsets, Rosen representatives were on hand to answer any and all questions they had.



Beyond being a successful campaign, Rosen Revealed delivered a one-of-a-kind experience that surprised and delighted seen-it-all event planners. In fact, the campaign yielded an immediate booking, which more than covered the full investment of the campaign and continued to generate bookings for months, and years, after.

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