Merlin Entertainments

“You Can't Save The World Alone”

What do you have to do to reach an audience of 170 million people and generate $2 million in free publicity? You create something super.

Madame Tussauds Orlando was opening a state-of-the-art, interactive experience based on the Justice League franchise. Naturally, we wanted to get people talking about it. So we created custom Mother Boxes (they’re the source of power in the DC Universe, after all) and hid them in cities around the world. And that was just the beginning.

What We Did

Creative, Video Production, Public Relations, Social Media

How It Mattered

We not only educated people about the upcoming attraction, we got them chomping at the bits to check it out.

Mother Box Madness


We enlisted the help of a prop company to create authentic Mother Box replicas. Inside the box was a ticket to attend the grand opening of the attraction.

Social Tease


To get the buzz started, we posted a new video on Instagram every day. Twelve days later, fans knew the global search for the Mother Boxes would soon be underway.

Instagram Clues


Posts on Instagram featured stealth-like clues for followers of Madame Tussauds Orlando to decode—which they did (often within an hour or two of posting).

Times Square Takeover


We took over a billboard in the heart of Times Square for three days—at 1.5 million impressions a day.

Name Dropping: Gal Galdot And Henry Cavill


Wanna really get people talking? Get Superman and Wonder Woman to post about your attraction.

Holy Coverage, Batman


To keep the excitement going, we brought the Batmobile itself to the front of the attraction. Yes, that Batmobile.

VIP Grand Opening


The build-up culminated in a VIP grand opening event worthy of a superhero. Our contest winners were joined by influencers and the media alike for an epic event in the heart of Metropolis.