Badcock Home Furniture &more

“Just Right”

Badcock Home Furniture &more believes everyone should be able to attain the styles, variety, and comfort they need for any stage of life to transform a house into a home.

This fairytale-inspired concept hits home.

Because when something’s just right, it’s more than just a good fit. It’s what fits our lives.

What We Did

Creative, Branding/Concept Generation, Media, TV

How It Mattered

Badcock does more than just sell furniture—they make sure every customer has that moment, regardless of the stage of life they’re in. That perfect epiphany that’s unique to every one of us. That moment of just right.

The Goldilocks Moment


We’d like to introduce you to our client, Badcock Home Furniture &more. Family-run and based in Florida, they’ve been around a while, 117 years to be exact. We had to lean into the loyalty of multigenerational customers while repositioning the brand away from negative perceptions like lack of style, variety and bright colors. Even with over 300 stores across the US, it’s still hard to break through the overcrowded furniture retail category. Our research told us that we were riding the gap between the fancier, expensive Ashley Furniture and the big box, unpersonalized experience of Rooms To Go. That’s right, not too big, and not too small.

A Perfect Fit


That’s where Goldilocks comes in. How did Goldilocks pick which bed or bowl of porridge was right for her? It felt like it was perfect for her—or maybe it just fit her perfectly. It was…well…just right. Enter our theory of “just right.” We asked ourselves, what does it really mean to be just right? To feel just right? How do we personify that? Show it? Well it kinda feels like these little moments of User Generated Content. Spend any time on Youtube or TikTok and you’ll see these little clips of visual ASMR, real people having those serendipitous moments of perfect fits. Or as we liked to call them, “just right moments.” We hit the ground running, reaching out to creators, asking to feature their videos in our campaign. Shot-on-iphone clips on a TV screen were sure to capture attention and position the brand in a totally modern light.

A Story For The Ages


The key message of the brand essence video needed to communicate our brand positioning statement and define the feeling of “just right”. There also needed to be a thread of connection between this project and the “Just Right Fit” brand spots. We created the magic of “reading” a storybook with captivating drawings that are hand-drawn to tell the story of a family, a furniture store, and a feeling. But it didn’t stop there. Enter the Brand Essence Book, which took illustrations from the video along with new, custom illustrations from the artist along with the voiceover transposed to become the words that filled the pages.

Just Right Success


Since it launched our digital campaign has reached over 535 million unique users, drove 32.5% in incremental store visits and has boasted a ROAS of $8.02. But above everything else, the campaign encouraged people to submit their own “just right” moments, creating a wildly successful earned media component that gave the participants a sense of belonging.

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