Badcock Home Furniture &more

“Just Right”

Badcock Home Furniture &more believes everyone should be able to attain the styles, variety, and comfort they need for any stage of life to transform a house into a home.

This fairytale-inspired concept hits home.

Because when something’s just right, it’s more than just a good fit. It’s what fits our lives.

What We Did

Creative, Branding/Concept Generation, Media, TV

How it Mattered

Badcock does more than just sell furniture—they make sure every customer has that moment, regardless of the stage of life they’re in. That perfect epiphany that’s unique to every one of us. That moment of just right.

The Goldilocks Moment.

Pepsi or Coke. Cats or dogs. No matter what a person’s choice has been throughout life, there’s a natural, “just right” fit for everybody. This campaign positioned Badcock as the “Goldilocks” of furniture stores—the just right size, locations, selection, and financing positioning Badcock as a viable challenger to big-box retailers.

A Perfect Fit.

In just four months our digital campaign reached over 23.8 million unique users, drove 30.9% in incremental store visits and boasted a ROAS of $11.05. But above everything else, the campaign encouraged people to submit their own “just right” moments, creating a wildly successful earned media component that gave the participants a sense of belonging.