Florida’s Space Coast

‘Split Screen’ Spring Awareness Campaign

The only beach in the world that doubles as a launchpad has an out-of-this-world competitive advantage.

Designing a totally ownable 3D model of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy removed an unreliable variable from the equation entirely.

What We Did

Creative, Branding & Concept Generation, Media, TV

How It Mattered

Florida’s entire coastline is white, sandy beaches—but the deafening crackle of a 500-ton rocket leaving the Earth can only be felt on Florida’s Space Coast. Defining this key differentiator and establishing it as the core value proposition was the first step in making Florida’s Space Coast a one-of-a-kind vacation spot.

A Vital Asset


Instead of depending on an unreliable asset—recording a live rocket launch—we worked with a 3D modeler to create a totally custom and ownable SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket model that could not only be used in the Spring campaign, but also become a reusable asset in their graphic library.

Touch The Stars


The split-screen concept allowed us to showcase the destination while showing the “closeness” to space. No matter where you are on Florida’s Space Coast, and whether you’re kayaking or surfing, you’ll be able to see a rocket launch. And in this execution, we show that connection quite literally. Because at Florida’s Space Coast—you can touch space from anywhere.

An Intergalactic Impression


The campaign let potential visitors to Florida’s Space Coast know that nowhere else on the planet had the beach and space. And those potential visitors were abundant—Florida’s Space Coast saw a 300% increase in the time spent on the website, and 7.2 million impressions were generated across social channels. As for an impact on the Space Coast itself: the Tourism Development Tax for March of 2021 was recorded at $1.93 million—the third highest month in recorded TDT collections history.

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