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Influencer Campaign

Influence at Home

Bringing a century-old furniture brand into the modern age with a more connected social media presence.

What We Did

Public Relations, Social Media

How It Mattered

Increased awareness and engagement helped solidify the brand as a ‘Just Right’ fit for audiences through a brand new channel.


As media has evolved to include more than traditional print and broadcast outlets, &Barr recognized the importance of incorporating social media influencers into our media relations strategy for Badcock Home Furniture &more to help the brand reach new audiences in a highly engaging way. Targeting Badcock’s top-tier markets across the southeastern U.S., &Barr researched, vetted, and pitched social influencers who were ‘Just Right’ for the brand. To ensure professional engagements with these new influential media, &Barr developed an influencer agreement to protect Badcock’s brand and ensure all obligations were met by both parties.


To pitch influencers without a “paid” campaign offering, &Barr developed an influencer experience that provided the influencer with an opportunity to capture and post engaging content to their followers while sharing the Badcock brand, its unique way of treating customers like family, and the many products it offers in its stores and online. With these goals in mind, &Barr focused on influencers who lived in areas with Badcock store locations and, specifically, in Badcock’s top-tier markets, including Atlanta. Atlanta-based influencer, Leteshia Weaver(@mamaonawhim), was invited to her local Badcock Home Furniture &more for an in-store shopping experience. In exchange for Badcock store credit, Leteshia shared her experience in real-time through her Instagram stories. Showcasing different furniture pieces and accessories that caught her eye, Leteshia leveraged Shopping Tags to help drive traffic to Badcock’s website with direct links. Leteshia also shared an in-feed post highlighting her shopping experience, a reel showcasing her new patio set in her home, and an in-feed post sharing the final look.


&Barr coordinated all logistics among Badcock, the local store manager, and Leteshia to ensure her experience was excellent and all deliverables were completed in a timely manner. The influencer thoroughly enjoyed her experience and her complimentary patio set, and Badcock loved her content and was excited with the results of her posts that drove increased awareness, understanding, and engagement as well as over 12,000 reels plays and more than 1,200 likes. This successful first engagement set the stage for further influencer experiences, including two additional high-performance influencer engagements in 2022.

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