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The Spa at Shingle Creek Rebrand

Revitalizing a brand. Transcending the typical.

The Spa at Shingle Creek, a long-time &Barr client, made a simple request to update their spa brochure.  The Creative Team, however, saw this as an opportunity to do considerably more for one of Rosen Shingle Creek’s most beloved outlets. Beyond the request, &Barr seized this opportunity to deliver a campaign that could be launched alongside the new brochure.

What We Did

Recognizing the many possibilities a rebrand would offer The Spa, the &Barr Creative Team conducted competitive research, as well as strategic design exploration, to deliver several design concepts that aligned with The Spa’s brand personality, as well as that of Rosen Shingle Creek’s. In addition to the brochure design itself, &Barr also presented print, social media, and digital animation examples that helped the client visualize how the agency’s recommended design could roll out in other media.

How It Mattered

Rebranding The Spa at Shingle Creek allowed us to create a cohesive look and feel that delivered a consistent and compelling integrated campaign that included print and digital executions. The client was especially thrilled with the attention to detail and the artistry of the design that perfectly conveyed the elegance and essence of The Spa, as well as its coveted location on 255 acres of lush Florida landscape.


Understanding the marketing needs of its client, &Barr explored designs that would be both ownable and outright stunning. The result was the marriage of clean and elegant model images layered with botanical prints and illustrations that, together, create beautifully engaging visuals that allude to the botanicals used at The Spa. Vibrant and fresh, the new campaign fully captures The Spa’s elegance and personality, setting it apart and helping it rise above other Orlando spas.


&Barr also saw this as an opportunity to refresh The Spa’s logo. Providing several options, which included original, hand-designed type, the client chose a look that elegantly evolved the brand but didn’t stray too far from its roots. The combination of a classic yet contemporary serif and a fluid cursive essentially retained the “feel” of the original logo while elevating it.


After the client fully embraced the rebrand, the team continued to ideate, leading to a spa visit that served as the catalyst for a second round of creative intended to further promote the brand. The additional concepts &Barr brought to the table included environmental design, installations/murals throughout Rosen Shingle Creek, scent marketing, and a spa-branded product line.


What began as a simple assignment bloomed – pun intended – into one of &Barr’s most-loved rebranding projects to date. The collective efforts between multiple &Barr departments, from Account Service to Creative to Media, as well as a true partnership with the Rosen Shingle Creek’s spa and marketing teams, has sparked a multi-phase launch that will include a variety of other marketing initiatives and efforts in the future. All of which will be designed to not only further The Spa’s undeniable appeal but help The Spa at Shingle Creek continue to thrive.

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