A Night at the Museum

For one night only, 600 East Washington Street was transformed into a collection of exhibitions on connection and conversation. A living tapestry of advertising where each department brought to life the core values, services, and strategic thinking of &Barr in a tangible and interactive way. While the art of marketing has mystified audiences and brands alike for generations, the Museum of &Barr became the epicenter of local advertising history. A place where &Barrians donned their docent hats and guided our cherished clients through not only our agency’s rich history, but the ever-evolving field of marketing.

Some installations, such as the Time Capsule, spoke directly to the over six decades of history that &Barr has not only witnessed, but been an active participant in. Others, like the collection of Creative Artifacts, capture the soul of our agency and the nonlinear thinking that sets our creative team apart. The left-brained prowess of our in-house industry experts was evident throughout the building, from the Communications Cascade display which dove into our modern approach to strategic communications, media relations, and the overall art of public relations to the Digital Age installation hosted by our Digital Media & Analytics team which explored the constant evolution of our media landscape and the unwavering adaptability of our agency.

Amidst the ambiance of a relaxed evening and fueled by a savory spread of hors d’oeuvres and refreshing beverages, minds expanded alongside networks. The building hummed with the excitement of conversation and camaraderie throughout the night as guests mingled and made merry. Its existence kept under lock and key, there was one permanent installation unveiled to clients and company alike for the first time ever during the event. Its formal introduction incoming, Chuck Fry’s office is soon to be open for business. Until then, if you hear smooth jazz and glasses clinking from behind a closet door, pay it no mind.

From the Research Room to a fully operational headshot studio, this exclusive and limited-time event highlighted the range of skills that have ensured the mutual success and longevity of our agency alongside our valued clients. Like all great historical events, there is no substitution for being present in the moment, but the spirit of history is always well and alive in the halls of &Barr. Our team of professionals takes their role as industry experts seriously and views the responsibility of guiding our clients through emerging trends and the latest capabilities as the highest of honors, so even if you missed this occasion, our wealth of information and resources are always available. And, as a matter of fact, we are always open for ideas.

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