Life Without TikTok?
Our Insight on TikTok’s Latest News

By: Kimberly Saffran, Senior Account Executive

TikTok exploded into popularity during the pandemic when we were all stuck at home and looking to be entertained. This social media platform, formerly known as, uses short form videos that are served using algorithms to provide endless content based on individual preferences to over 100 million Americans. I was recently standing in the grocery store watching my pre-teen daughter literally “dance like nobody’s watching” as she recreated a popular TikTok dance routine to the music playing in her head. Not everyone has the charisma of Walker Hayes in the poultry isle. After I composed myself from laughing at my daughter flailing around, I took a moment to reflect as both a mother and a marketer… what happens if TikTok goes away?

Earlier this year, the U.S Government approved a bill to ban TikTok from government-owned federal devices with Florida banning TikTok on school-issued devices and school networks based on data privacy concerns. There are many, especially parents, who are in support of stricter regulations. However, users of the platform are concerned about what this could mean for them, particularly for the content creators who can make up to $250,000 for a sponsored post, according to Forbes. TikTok is not only used for entertainment but also produces a major revenue stream for brands. 55% of TikTok users have purchased something after seeing it on the app.

&Barr’s Social Media Manager, Grace Midtgard shared that while it is unlikely that TikTok will get banned for mainstream users any time soon, there are many other platforms that can offer a similar experience. Downloads for new apps, like Lemon8, are on the rise. Global downloads have hit 17.3 million since Lemon8’s debut in 2020. Nearly one-quarter (4.1 million) took place in 2023. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center says that nearly 67% of teens in the U.S. use the app. And my daughter is one of them. 47% of TikTok users said they would be open to switching to Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts according to a Conway survey. Instagram was the most downloaded social media app last year and YouTube Shorts recently hit 50 billion daily views in 2022.

Recently &Barr partnered with our Space Coast Office of Tourism client to create 25 videos to be used across various short-form video platforms. Our goal was to create out-of-this-world social content, highlighting unique opportunities to witness a rocket launch while enjoying other activities in the destination like a day at the beach, visiting the Brevard Zoo, kayaking, and more. During our shoot, beachgoers got a hilarious view of a spaceman dancing on the beach since only the videographer and talent able to hear the music via their air pods. Creating content like this for consumers won’t go away, even if TikTok does, as there are other social media platforms waiting in the wings to satiate our desire for content. Content makers and advertisers will continue to change and evolve to ensure consumers (especially young ones) won’t miss a beat.


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