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Super Bowl LVII’s Top Commercials

By: Morgan Lyons, Account Coordinator

Super Bowl LVII lets fans see the two top-performing football teams of the season go head-to-head. Just as big a draw is the entertainment during the game as well as in between the game – the commercials. This year’s ad spend for the Super Bowl averaged $7 million for a thirty-second spot, a 700+% increase compared to the same real estate in 1993, when a Super Bowl spot ran $850,000 for thirty seconds. This year’s viewership fell 13% from the big game’s mountain-top success of 2015, with 114.44 million viewers locked onto their screens.

Some commercial fan favorites from this year’s Super Bowl included Fixed on Pixel from Google, Forever by The Farmer’s Dog, and Somewhere, Anywhere from

Fixed on Pixel, Google

Pulling in over 41 million views on YouTube, this commercial features Doja Cat, Amy Schumer, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. The commercial highlighted the camera features of the Google Pixel 7, even showing how Amy Schumer made  her exes magically disappear from any picture with ease. Basketball star Giannis Antetokounmpo erased himself from the image of him being dunked on by Celtics player Jaylen Brown, and Doja Cat was able to use the phone’s unblur mode to have quality photos live from the red carpet with fans. Advertisements with celebrity endorsements can increase brand awareness and even positively affect sales. Star-studded spots were a common sight during the Big Game, with celebrities making appearances in commercials by Doritos, Bud Light, and T-Mobile.

Forever, The Farmer’s Dog

Shifting gears away from the comedic tone of the previous spot, the Super Bowl LVII audience had their heartstrings tugged with Forever for The Farmer’s Dog. The commercial, which has so far been viewed over 1.1 million times on YouTube, shows the bond between pet and owner. The Farmer’s Dog is a brand selling nutritional dog food and this commercial follows the journey a pet takes with you. The spot aimed to entice people to feed their dog nothing but the best, insinuating that healthier food leads to more time with your pet. &Barr’s Project Manager Caitlin McManus said the :60 video made her feel “sentimental.” Appealing to one’s emotion is something advertisements can do to show the value of their product and make people act fast.

Somewhere, Anywhere, pulled out all the stops with their musically driven thirty-second commercial. The spot, starring actress Melissa McCarthy, demonstrated the fact that you really can go anywhere using—that is, “as long as they have childcare”. We follow McCarthy as she sings through a beach house, high-end hotel, eccentric tiny home and sandy beach. This lighthearted beat will hopefully run through mind of the audience to drive brand recognition and recall to drive revenue for

We also wanted to hear &Barrians favorite ads, so we visited the offices of our trusted Advertising professionals. See our team’s favorite spots of the night from Super Bowl LVII either by watching the video below or by checking out our TikTok here.



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