Consumer Time Spent with Media Makes Record Increase

By: Douglas White, Cheif Operating Officer

It’s not always easy to predict when or where a consumer will see your ad. However, when you do your research and stay up to date on viewing trends, it can help cut some of the guess work out and help drive results for your campaigns.

In a recent study conducted by eMarketer, it was estimated that US adults increased their media usage by nearly a full hour per day in 2020, for a daily total of 13 hours and 21 minutes. They also estimated that post-pandemic, the increase will be almost fully sustained in 2021, with adults spending only 9 fewer minutes per day with media this year for an average of 13 hours and 12 minutes.



But the most revealing thing about this study was the way in which the time spent with media had increased. The entirety of the hour increase came from the time people spent using digital media and, in fact, the amount of time people spend with traditional media went down. The largest portions of digital media that saw growth were in the mobile and Connected Television (CTV) segments (listed under “Other connected devices” in the chart above), which contributed to an increase of 50 additional minutes spent with media over the past year.

Although it’s important to stay in front of your audience no matter where they are, this shift towards more time with digital media may signal a possible update to your media mix. At &Barr, we are constantly monitoring these shifts in consumer behavior to ensure we can keep our clients on the forefront of emerging consumer trends.

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