If your mobile website isn’t user-friendly and fast, you’re irrelevant.

Remember when a company named Blockbuster went out of business simply because it couldn’t keep up with the changing marketplace? Don’t let that be you.

Making your website mobile-friendly and fast in 2017 is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Facebook, which is the #1 mobile app in the United States for both audience size and time share spent on the app, announced yesterday that it’s updating its mobile news feed’s algorithm to prioritize content from websites with faster load times on mobile devices.

The move is designed to improve user experience and is long overdue. According to Facebook’s 2016 report, more than 1 billion users access the social media platform using their mobile devices every day.

Not to mention that Google, which is the #1 most visited website in the world, has been factoring website load time into its algorithm since 2010.

So, what exactly was it that you’re waiting for? If you needed a sign, here it is.

[SOURCE: Facebook Newsroom]