Rosen Hotels & Resorts

“Hester Street”

Our client, Rosen Hotels & Resorts, didn’t just want to unveil a new wine. They wanted to tell a story.

There’s Red. There’s White. And behind each, a story waiting to be told.

What We Did

Branding/Concept Generation, Packaging, Illustration

How It Mattered

Creating a new wine label is a big deal. We wanted people to enjoy the wine, of course, but to also savor the story behind it.

What’s in a name?


Why Hester Street? That was the street in New York where Harry Rosen, the grandfather of Harris Rosen, opened a small, 15-seat restaurant.

The tag tells all.


A tale that’s part history, part aspiration, all celebration.

Illustrious Illustrations


We created custom illustrations to bring to life what Hester Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan looked like nearly a century ago.

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