Flexpoint Education CLoud

B2B ``Hyper-Targeted`` Media Campaign

Small Group Session

&Barr developed a highly effective 1-to-1 media strategy for FlexPoint Education Cloud to reach a niche audience that drove a large volume of leads and exceeded all goals set.

What We Did

Media Planning, Media Buying, Account Management, Reporting & Analytics

How It Mattered

Informed by the previous year’s learnings, refined the targeting strategy and media buy to directly reach key decision makers at the district level.

Target Acquired

While the importance of the virtual learning industry is increasingly recognized each day, it’s a relatively new field. While Florida Virtual School is the first statewide Internet-based public high school, FlexPoint Education Cloud was a new brand launched to provide educators nationwide with the tools and resources needed to seamlessly implement Kindergarten-12th grade online learning programs. There was a lack of awareness amongst key audiences, so we knew we needed to reach those responsible for choosing curriculum in schools and districts nationwide. It was only a matter of meeting this niche audience of decision makers in the key markets where they are and doing so in the most cost-effective manner.

Honing In

To get the most out of our campaign budget and limit spend waste, we zeroed in on our niche audience through a highly targeted media strategy. We identified industry publications with high readership among our audience and utilized purchased lists of individuals with the specific job titles of the decision makers we needed to reach. With these lists we launched 1-to-1 targeting across programmatic media vendors to ensure we were speaking to the right individuals.

Our team thought beyond typical industry-specific media and focused on speaking directly to key decision makers by meeting them where they’re at. We created a highly-effective media plan that included hyper-targeted programmatic display and webinars, ranging from e-newsletters, site-direct placements, thought leadership, hyper-targeted programmatic display, native content and print.

The Results

At &Barr, exceeding expectations is the expectation. Each and every goal set by our partners at FlexPoint was significantly surpassed. Upper-funnel display, native placements and print created wide awareness. Site-direct placements and e-newsletters continued to educate our audience on the product and succeeded in driving them to the website to conversion. And thought leadership and webinar pieces showcased the FlexPoint expertise while providing another touchpoint for capturing leads. With all these efforts combined, we beat the base goal for qualified leads by 90%, their email database sign-ups goal by 99% and increased the number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) by 566%. All while decreasing the cost per lead by 93% year-over-year with 53% less media spend.

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