Digital Media & Paid Search Campaign

Driving Memberships

How &Barr helped AAA gain a nearly 80% increase in membership sign-ups in 8 months.

What We Did

Paid Search, Integrated Media

How It Mattered

An uptick in membership sign-ups is good for any business. But with AAA, it means more drivers are protected when they’re on the road.

Divide & Conquer

Between account strategy, day-to-day club relations, and Google campaign management, the AAA National account team was stretched thin. &Barr stepped in as a strategic partner, taking over the daily management of all club campaigns within the Google platform to better ensure they were receiving the attention required to drive continual performance improvements.

A Successful Solution

&Barr successfully transitioned 15 AAA club paid search accounts and managed over two hundred AAA club campaigns over a period of fifty days. After the initial transition, we implemented a number of strategies, including transitioning campaigns to an automated bid strategy, utilizing responsive search ad creative, and keyword updates based on research and forecasting, that immediately garnered positive results.

Smart Spending

Throughout the campaign, &Barr has worked with AAA to provide a more integrated media strategy, redistributing AAA’s budget to expand efforts beyond Google paid search to include additional campaigns across new, more diversified channels including Google Discovery, Display, YouTube, and CTV/OTT, as well as additional campaigns to support Travel and Insurance.

Driving Results

Since taking over paid media campaign strategy and management in March of 2021, &Barr has been able to drive a 79% increase in membership sign-ups through google channels, and more than 200,000 total membership sign-ups across all campaigns.

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