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Michelle Kozel

Accounting Supervisor

Every time an &Barr employee enters his/her time sheets, Michelle gets a tingling sensation. Well, not really. But, as &Barr’s Accounting Supervisor, it could theoretically happen. After all, overseeing client billing is one of Michelle’s primary duties, and one that she takes very seriously. The other thing she takes seriously is, not surprisingly, her love of the annual Halloween Party where everyone in the agency dresses up and gets down. While some may think it’s not that big a deal, it is at &Barr, where creativity and competitive team decorating is not something to be trifled with. When not counting the agency’s fat bags of cash or crafting a killer costume, Michelle can be found spending quality time with her family or getting her fill of the hit reality TV show du jour. So, if you want to chat about client billing or who is being voted off what bachelor, Michelle Kozel is the one to call.