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Janette Estep

VP / Finance

Smart business woman. Stellar leader. Darn good golfer. Once you get to know Janette, you realize all three titles are quite apropos. As &Barr’s indispensable VP of Finance, Janette is responsible for all accounting and administrative functions, which demand a laser-like focus that she wields like a light saber. Not to say that Janette is all work — she loves the insanity that is advertising and is often in the very center of it. And having survived…uh…worked at &Barr since 1982, she’s sure seen her share of it. One thing is certain — her dedication is a clear testament to her love of the agency and the team members that make her smile every day. No wonder she works so hard at her job while making sure everyone has what they need to be more successful in theirs. Well, aside from the location of &Barr’s beer money stash.