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Erin Gutknecht

VP - Public Relations

Erin Gutknecht’s over 25-year career in public relations has included leading public relations services for agencies, public and private companies, and nonprofits. In her most recent position prior to joining &Barr, Erin developed, grew, and led a global corporate communications department for a public, multi-billion-dollar company, where her global team managed all facets of public relations, including internal and external communications, CSO, issues/crises, as well as investor relations support.As &Barr’s Vice President of Public Relations, Erin leads a strong team dedicated to providing strategic, fully integrated communications plans for &Barr’s ever-growing client list featuring nationally and internationally recognized brands.Erin’s previous experience includes tenure with SteinMart, The Home Depot, and Hilton – just to name a few – providing public relations services to a diverse array of industries from Aviation, Entertainment, and Hospitality to Retail, Real Estate, and Travel/Tourism.

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