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Dianne Smith

Senior Group Media Director

If you’re looking to get the most out of your digital marketing dollars, your search (pun intended) ends with Senior Group Media Director Dianne Smith. Throughout her 18 years of marketing experience, on both the publishing and agency side, she’s led multi-million dollar accounts, generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, and boasted the title of CEO and Founder. Dianne brings a knowledgeable perspective to her work, overseeing everything our media team touches from analytics and digital strategy to media buying and planning. If a client is activating media, Dianne is giving high-level industry insight and expertise from planning to execution. But Dianne’s knack for optimization goes beyond her job description. Her warm smile and welcoming energy enhance every room she graces, making her a perfect addition to the feel-good culture that drew her to &Barr in the first place.

While she’s always plugged in when it comes to her career, in her spare time she likes to disconnect. If you’re looking to find Dianne outside of the office, your best bet would be starting on one of Florida’s beaches—she’s passionate about preserving the state’s natural beauty and regularly organizes community clean-ups.

When she isn’t on land or sea, her whereabouts are up in the air. Literally. Her first time in an airplane, she jumped out of it. While skydiving, of course! Since then, she’s become an avid traveler who boasts a travel log with more international destinations than domestic. Ever the jetsetter kand go-getter, we feel lucky to have her as a resident in the &Barr office.

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