Culture Is Everything.

What Drives &Barr’s Success

By: Morgan Lyons, Assistant Account Executive

At a company’s core are its people, and here at &Barr, we have some pretty amazing people. A group of thinkers and doers who build lasting relationships by accomplishing amazing things together.

My almost two years with &Barr as an Account Coordinator turned Assistant Account Executive has been instrumental in showing me the power of an agency’s culture. I’ve learned that working in a positive environment is critical to increasing productivity and making lasting relationships with my team, inside and outside of the office. Getting to work for a company that cares about individuals, not only as employees but as people, allows our team to create the best work for our clients. Some companies champion their culture as a badge of honor but don’t put it into practice. Our culture isn’t just something we talk about. It’s how we live. Our extraordinary team, wonderful client relationships, and exceptional work are proof of this.

Other &Barrians feel the same:


Our culture at &Barr feels like extended family, which is what makes our agency different from most other companies. Since we spend more time at work than at home, working alongside a great group of people is what makes going to work each day enjoyable. I’m grateful for our team and look forward to many years at &Barr.
Jenn Rivera, Director of Human Resources



At &Barr, there is an enriching and supportive environment where you are encouraged to grow into your potential. People are treated with respect and act with integrity; we value each other and what we each bring to the table.
Fleur O’Hara, Project Manager



What I love most about &Barr’s culture is it goes beyond our office at 600 E Washington. On top of our atmosphere and collaborations with clients, the same values and vision we live during our day-to-day work are translated back to the community. Our Corporate Social Opportunity program gives &Barrians the chance to take our knowledge and service to help impact the Orlando community by volunteering. This makes our culture that much more special and rewarding.
Shelby Eiger, Public Relations Senior Account Executive



To me, &Barr is a culture of humility, excellence, and family. I first came as an intern and was honored to be welcomed by these traits that everyone here took on so well. I experienced humility in how everyone treated me and one another, excellence in how I observed everyone pulling their own weight— often going above and beyond, and family in how more than just work happens in this building. People care about you and genuinely will support you.
Kori Zamora, Digital Designer

Whether you work here or work with us, I’m sure you can feel the roots of our mission, vision, and values anchoring our agency together. Find out how you can join our team or work with us here!

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