Our Client Love Story
Why We Love Working With Our Clients

By: Kim Blaylock, VP, Account Service

Seven years ago, we rebranded from Fry | Hammond | Barr to &Barr. While our name and logo are new, they symbolize the approach we’ve taken to our work since the beginning of our Agency. The ampersand represents our partnership with whoever comes before it. Mainly, our clients. We proudly put them first; “Client &Barr.”

To our Clients:

Like any great love story, without you, we wouldn’t exist. You give us a reason to get out of bed in the morning; a reason to go on. Your mission and goals fuel us. They give us passion and purpose. They challenge and excite us. And yes, sometimes make us a little nervous.

As with any relationship, ours has its ups and downs. That’s true of all great romances. We know it’s normal and hope you do too. More than anything, we hope you recognize how much we care. We value you and your business and we’ll continue to serve you and be there when you need us, no matter the day or time. Because that’s what relationships are all about. And above all else, we love our Clients and the relationships we’ve built with them.

A colleague recently gave me a book called Love Does by Bob Goff, which I read over the December holiday break. The book is a great reminder that love is about action. Even when fearful or facing unknowns, love spurs action and makes things happen. Wonderful, magical things can happen from that love and its action. In the book, the author recounts the time right after 9/11 when his young children wrote letters to every single world leader, asking them for the opportunity to videotape messages of encouragement and hope for children around the globe. Over 25 leaders said yes to this request, and (props to the author) the family hopped on planes to meet and tape all those leaders, many of which then became lifelong friends (one even came to visit them at their home in the states).

The lesson? When we love each other, work together, keep an open mind and take action, great things happen! We appreciate that many of you have allowed us to bring you ideas that may seem risky, but that we feel will pay dividends for your business. And we appreciate all the collaboration on beautiful plans and campaigns that help build your business and your brand. We pledge to continue to give to you our love and attention, our best ideas and our best efforts.

As we march onward into 2023, we want to take a moment to sincerely say thank you for your business. And thank you for being a great partner. Let’s continue to love each other, take action and make great things happen this year!

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