Find Joy In The Journey Itself

Find Joy In The Journey Itself
2022 wasn’t about the race, but rather the camaraderie that fueled us.

By: Meg Rosenoff, Senior Copywriter

In 2022, we mushed. Yes, you read that right. We mushed. When thinking back on one of the greatest years in our agency’s storied history, sled dogs might not seem like the most obvious analogy, but perhaps it’s the coolest. A sled dog runs. His eyes are forward, his legs moving with incredible power, moving with such force and determination that it would almost be easier to keep going than to stop. His fuel isn’t the great pride that swells in his chest, but rather the contagious spirit radiating from the dogs around him. To his left, his teammate strikes the ground with tremendous purpose, her mission to simply keep going, her joy in the journey itself. Deliver the medicine, save the life, reach the destination, win the race. The team relies completely on each other. One dog stops running, they all stumble. One can only imagine the powerful motivation they communicate to each other, keeping each other going through sheer belief alone. Together they advance, together they fall. But with every leap through the snow, the team grows stronger….closer…closer to each other and closer to the shared goal.

This year, as a team, we achieved great triumph, and we learned powerful lessons. We honored our clients with great effort, and treasured those relationships with profound care. We gained many a new friend, both near and far. We injected the kind of spirit into our building you wish you could bottle. We celebrated decades of professional integrity and cherished every small moment of cheer. We expanded creative horizons, embarking on expeditions to places unknown. Difficult times brought us closer together, giving the idea of family new meaning. International accolades brought us sincere humility, giving hours upon hours of effort the respect it earned. Living our core values became an even clearer guiding light through sunsets and sunrises alike. We spent another year learning about ourselves, having the privilege to be in a business we all love. And that may be the greatest gift of all.

In 2022, we heard “Mush!” and we haven’t looked back since.