The Marketing Power of Identity Resolution

By: Cristina Howard / Director of Digital Media & Analytics

People-based marketing should be on every advertising and marketing professional’s mind. The ability to identify your consumer across their devices in both the online and offline world is key to understanding and reaching your market with personalized and relevant messaging.

It all starts by building and maintaining a healthy CRM list, one that is segmented for best possible engagement. These lists can then serve as a tool to identify your consumer and target them with relevant messaging, find more people like them and maximize conversions. We call this identity resolution. Once you have a clean and organized list broken into segments, along with specific, relevant messaging, the rest is easy.

Activating CRM lists, whether direct mail or email, can be done in a few ways. Many marketers are activating their CRM lists by taking advantage of Facebook and Google’s identity resolution platforms. Both platforms allow marketers to upload their CRM ran ads against that audience. Other ways to take this further is to activate these lists through the use of programmatic platforms, premium publishers, native and video platforms and addressable television platforms. This allows you to find your customer across multiple digital touchpoints and be visible throughout the consumer journey.

List activation, or identity resolution, is most commonly used for the following marketing strategies:

  • List suppression: Exclude current consumers lists to ensure they do not receive certain messaging/offers
  • Lapsed customers: Re-engage and win back members who previously left
  • Cross-selling: Serve targeted ads upselling other services to current customers
  • List expansion: Target prospects with similar profiles/behaviors to current members ​
  • Customer reactivation: Reactivate members from past purchase or when renewals are up
  • Customer loyalty; Serve up different messaging/offers based on AAA member tiers

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