What would Chuck, Bob and Pete think?

By: Pete Barr, Jr / President & CEO

Chuck, Bob and Pete were the three founders of Fry/Hammond/Barr. I knew all three and worked closely with Chuck and Pete. The agency was already a 30-year-old company when I joined in 1987. It was built from scratch at a time when things were different. One could argue that while things have changed and evolved, many things have not. Things like partnerships, talent, creativity, and results continue to be the keys to success.

In 1987, most of the tools and technology had been constant for some time. We all spoke in terms like velox, blueline, plates, airbrush, typeset, and churning. We used tools like paper cutters, spray mount, lightboards, and typewriters. Today, it’s search, voice, pixels, the funnel, influencers, and conversion.

We say we are agile. So were they.

We send e-mails, texts, and chats non-stop. Multi-tasking is everywhere. And digital files are adjusted and sent in an instant. They made sure most work was completed by hand—and also hand delivered the same day.

With technology, we are accessible all day, all night, 24/7. They worked a long day and then went home with no midnight emails.

We meet online, on speaker, or via Skype. They met in person. Period.

Creativity remains at the core of everything we do. That hasn’t changed. Partnership with clients is also at the core. Where there is trust, there is great work and business-changing results.

Great talent is an important ingredient across every discipline. Diverse talent with backgrounds and experience across all platforms and channels. Talent that can be trusted. Most important is that this talent collaborates unselfishly toward one goal. Results for our clients.

I know what Pete thinks because I have coffee with him almost every day. He loves to hear about it all. He is my dad and he gave us all our start in this dynamic and exciting business.

And what would Chuck and Bob and Pete think? They would be thrilled to see the entire digital transformation. They would be fascinated at all the possibilities. And they’d be proud of what they built. Proud to see it thriving. And proud of us all.