Store Visits: How Google Can Help Marketers Track Conversions

Google is making retail marketers’ dreams come true with in-store visits tracking in AdWords. Despite the surge of online shopping, the majority of retail purchases still occur in physical store locations. Google’s Store Visits Beta allows marketers to validate online ad campaigns and to highlight successful, revenue-driving campaigns.

Check out Google’s video on how it works:

&Barr is a qualified Google Partner agency and the Digital Marketing & Analytics team, led by Dawson Henry, has secured access to this limited beta and is currently using the Store Visits analytics dashboard to measure campaign data for Sonny’s BBQ.

“As a Google Partner, we have access to Google training and support that helps us improve our client’s campaigns through targeted ad spending,” said Henry. “The Store Visits Beta gives us even more information about our campaigns, helping to identify the value of online advertising.”

Google’s new Store Visits Beta finally unveils how online marketing affects offline purchases. With more analytics, marketers learn more about their customer and how best to connect with them.

“We are excited to be able to track our search advertising through to a restaurant visit,” said Dave Cain, Director of Marketing at Sonny’s BBQ. “With this new beta, we can see in real time what’s working and what’s not.”

Right now, the Store Visits Beta is limited, but we are always on the lookout and working with our clients to get them whitelisted into this and other Google beta programs.

Google describes its Partners as having learned advanced concepts for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing Google AdWords advertising products, and &Barr is proud to sport the Google Partner badge.