What a difference a year makes! One year ago we were riding a huge wave of change that was exciting, and at the same time quite scary and challenging. We had a new agency brand (after 58 years), new creative energy, a big pitch for a sought after prospect, many new faces and a new committed focus on growth and continued innovation at &Barr.

We won that pitch and from there we screamed down the face of that wave through 2016 and now to the end of what has been our best year in recent memory. How and why? The people. Plain and simple. The energy. The passion. The creativity. We are &Barr!

Never before in the history of this company have we been so focused on our people, our clients and their businesses and the ever-evolving future of this dynamic industry.

2016 brought us new &Barr teammates across every team and discipline. Diverse people, strong talent, fun energy—and dogs too. All this seems to go together and it has created what &Barr is today.


After that first win in January the team continued delivering great work and measurable results for all of our valued clients deepening our partnerships across our 15+ clients. At the same time the team continued to pursue and win new clients so to allow the pivoting &Barr movement to gain even more momentum. Along the way we added 19 new talented &Barr staffers to the mix and at the same time said farewell to a few as well. Now at almost 55 we have gained an exciting critical mass that allows us to grow again and at the time that I write these words we are about to welcome another very cool brand to our roster.

2016 was a good year for &Barr and 2017 looks to be a great year ahead.

Cheers to our great partner clients and the the winning &Barr team that serves them.

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays


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