Sonny’s BBQ

Media Planning & Social Media

&Barr drove an 89% increase in conversions while reducing costs by 74%.

We introduced loyal Sonny’s customers to an enhanced presence in social media and helped anti-tech franchisees learn just how smokin’ digital can be.

What We Did

Media Planning & Buying, Paid Search, Social Media

How It Mattered

To show Sonny’s franchisees the value of online marketing, &Barr harnessed the power of digital to drive awareness and increase restaurant traffic and website visits, while also engaging their core consumer and a new, younger audience.

How’d we do it?


By delivering results and showing measurable, meaningful metrics that franchisees could understand.

We implemented a major shift from soft metrics to measured business conversions that, for the first time, made sense to them.

Recipe For Success


We also measured success tracking valued conversions showing a consumer’s intent to visit and ultimately the Cost per Valued Conversion (CPVC) aggregately across all 115 Sonny’s BBQ locations across the Southeastern U.S.

74% Reduction in CPVC across both campaigns

89% Increase of total valued conversions

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