Broward, Palm Beaches and St. Lucie Realtors®

Only A Realtor Campaign

Any agent can help you buy a home, but only a REALTOR® can do this.

The campaign goals were to increase awareness of REALTORS in key target markets locally in Florida and position the Association as the trusted source and partner who will expertly guide consumers through the home buying process. Therefore, we developed an integrated approach to reach that potential customer at every phase of the customer journey, combining a mix of high awareness media including TV/Cable and OTT/CTV along with mid/lower funnel tactics including programmatic display, paid social and paid search.

What We Did

For us, marketing sometimes feels a bit like journalism. And that’s because we always start by listening. These quotes and notes become the backbone of our campaign. It’s our duty to tell the story of our client in a way that resonates with the target audience we’ve identified. That process was never more true than in this project.

How It Mattered

With only 3 months running in the market, the consumer campaign is outperforming by significant margins, exceeding industry benchmarks in Google Search CTR by 237% and CPC by 65%. Display Banners by 160% and Connected TV & OTT Video Completion Rate by 8%. This campaign has also resonated with the audience very well, resulting both spots created “Countdown” and “Game Night” performing equally strong.


Hundreds of concepts and scripts were written only for the simplest to rise to the top. Realtors do so much more than help you buy or sell a home. They offer a shoulder to lean on—and so much more. We learned from our interviews with realtors that more often than not, they’re babysitting, cheerleading, educating, and more—all on top of negotiating the best deal they can.


It’s those emotional connections and human care that can’t be replicated with an app. Our strategy then became clear: communicate that REALTORS® become a part of your family and that their role is not simply a transaction but rather to invest themselves in relationships that connect people with their dreams.


The cinematography told a translation of this story through a single-shot execution, with the “main character” of the story being the first face the viewer sees. The frame starts tight on the families themselves, expanding to reveal the home, and then lastly the REALTOR®. The viewer might think it’s the new homeowner narrating the story, but the visual reveal of the REALTOR® exposes that it was really the REALTOR® speaking the whole time.


The campaign launched on May 16th, 2022 and is broken down into :30, :15, :10 and :06-second spots and has aired on cable television, digital apps, social media platforms, and branded content outlets. Since the launch, we’ve driven over 47.7m impressions, 114k clicks, and over 1,000 lead form completions on the site. The spots direct people to the campaign landing page, which is garnering an impressive average of 4 minutes time spent on page.

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