OpenHouse Home Insurance

Valentine's Day Social Media Campaign


We used a schoolyard “this or that” game to reward people for making smart choices.

What We Did

In order to make this campaign a reality, &Barr pulled in team members from all over the agency providing services including branding, creative development, and digital/social media strategy and execution all within a week from conception to final deliverables.

How It Mattered

185 social posts made over the course of 4 days and earned 4.6 million impressions, exceeding our initial goal by 32% while remaining nearly 8% under budget. The campaign drove strong engagement across multiple social channels with 63% of link clicks leading to a website visit, while also helping organically build brand awareness.

Think Fast

Using a paper fortune teller—a schoolyard game made from a folded sheet of paper—we were able to showcase people making decisions in real time, then rewarding them for their choice. This is where the phrase “we love that about you” helped us deliver the right message to viewers because it showed how OpenHouse Home Insurance celebrated and rewarded people for the things that make them unique. These feel-good videos helped drive brand awareness across a variety of social channels.

Smart Thinking

When individuals made their choice on the paper fortune teller, they were rewarded with a rose (pink or red, depending on their choice). These short videos (43 in total) were shared organically across social platforms, with the 25 top performing videos then being boosted on Facebook and Instagram to bring more attention and interaction to their current social outlets.

Exceeding Expectations

This four-day campaign saw fantastic interaction and engagement, seeing over one million impressions more than the original campaign goal, as well as thousands of link clicks and website visits. In fact, the campaign directly resulted in more than a dozen policies being started, illustrating the fact that emotionally-driven creative drives the results that matter most.

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