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IndexIQ Branding

Working With New York Life Investments To Change Minds & Hearts

New York Life Investments’ IndexIQ tasked &Barr with bringing their first direct-to-consumer product line to market—a thematic suite of environmental, social and governance (ESG) ETFs—as well as their first ETF in the portfolio, IQ Healthy Hearts ETF (HART), which was developed in alignment with the American Heart Association.

In positioning the thematic ESG suite, IQ Dual Impact ETFs, we focused on granting access to the best of me-focused returns and we-focused social good.

What We Did

Creative, Branding/Concept Generation, Strategy

How It Mattered

By encouraging retail investors to invest in something bigger than their portfolios, we were able to highlight the thematic ESG suite’s mission, as well as convey the benefits of the investment to both the investor and the world at large.

Making An Impact


In a world where a common question about investing is, “who can afford to invest,” IndexIQ asked, “who can afford not to?” This campaign positioned IQ Dual Impact ETFs, and specifically HART, as not only an investment, but as an opportunity to build a more complete portfolio with the potential to better the world we all share.

Investing With Hart


Bold and engaging, the IQ Healthy Hearts ETF campaign is a thoughtful distillation of the IQ Dual Impact ETF approach. By focusing on a single element and putting an emphasis on heart health, we were able to develop a concise, clear and compelling campaign that resonated with the mission of both New York Life Investments and the American Heart Association to foster healthier hearts and lifestyles in the communities we live in.

First Of Its Kind


As the developer of first-of-their-kind liquid alternative ETFs, IndexIQ is no stranger to the word pioneer. So, to help their first IQ Dual Impact ETF stand out, &Barr developed a direct-to-consumer advertising campaign that featured unique creative in the financial space and 3D illustrations that visually demonstrated the mission of the ETFs.

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