New York Life Investments

IQ Dual Impact ETFs Launch

Me-focused financial returns. We-focused social good.

IndexIQ, a New York Life Investments company, enlisted &Barr to launch its innovative suite of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ETFs, which are deliberately designed to grant access to large-scale social change.

What We Did

The integrated campaign targeted passionate retail investors driven to invest with their values. Each element communicated the ETF’s “duality” of potential returns to the investor, as well as returns on issues that benefit everyone — cleaner transportation (IQ Cleaner Transport ETF/CLNR), gender equality (IQ Engender Equality ETF/EQUL), healthier communities (IQ Healthy Hearts ETF/HART) and clean oceans (IQ Clean Oceans ETF/OCEN).

How It Mattered

ESG ETFs are expected to become a trillion-dollar category by the year 2030 1 . More than ever, investors are seeking ways to not only advance their portfolio, but also enhance the world we share. IndexIQ worked in collaboration with leading organizations like the National Wildlife Federation, Girls Who Code, the American Heart Association, and Oceana, all of which benefit from each ETF’s management fee.

Invest with Impact

The IQ Dual Impact ETF suite’s goal of giving back gave us a clear key differentiator: these funds were more than just investments. Each ETF aligned its mission to “do more” with a nonprofit organization relevant to the purpose of each fund. This partnership gave &Barr a clear target—passionate investors who wanted their investments to impact more than their own portfolios.

Cultivating Communication

In order to convey the wide and varied scope of the ever-evolving suite of impact investment index funds, the campaign showcased the diversity and depth of the new thematic IndexIQ ETFs. Through photo-realistic 3D illustrations, we were able to tell a visual story that communicates each ETF’s impact and importance. The illustrations were complemented by copy that was bold, smart and compelling. The media plan included high-impact, interactive digital units, search, social campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit, and podcasts.

IQ Dual Impact’s Impact

The campaign brought a fund designed for everybody in front of a lot of people. The high impact units alone garnered over 14 million impressions, with an incredible 4.04% CTR. The biggest impact of the campaign, of course, is within the ETFs themselves—in collaboration with nonprofits we’re familiar with to make an impact on the issues that affect us all.