Habitat For Humanity: Greater Orlando & Osceola County

Their Dream, Our Mission Campaign

What's a dream worth?

$106,000 annually. That’s how much it costs to afford a home in Central Florida. But for many children, there’s an even greater price; choosing between following their dreams and being able to afford a home. That choice, one that no child should ever have to make, is what inspired this campaign.

What We Did

Creative, Digital, Media, Social

How It Mattered

An award-winning campaign that raised awareness about Habitat for Humanity’s mission to alleviate the Central Florida housing crisis.

A Problem of Perception

Sure, most people are familiar with Habitat for Humanity, but they don’t really know the organization. In our research, we realized there were misconceptions regarding Habitat’s mission and who benefits. The brand insight was clear. Habitat didn’t have a product problem, or even an awareness problem. They had a perception problem. We wanted to reach into people’s hearts and motivate community members to donate financially, influence public policy and stay engaged with the mission.

A Dream Out of Reach

The reality is kids don’t dream of a certain salary. They’re dreaming of being brave, strong, or just plain cool. That was the cultural insight that inspired this campaign. While those careers may not currently make the salary needed to purchase a home today, there’s still time to let kids keep dreaming as we work to make safe, stable housing affordable.

Kids Say The Darndest Things

No frills, no fuss—nothing more than kids talking to a camera telling us about their dreams. The treatment was simple and effective. We interviewed the biggest dreamers among us, the children of Central Florida, and asked them the most important questions we could think of. What do they want to do when they grow up? How much does a house cost? What does it mean to be brave? Their responses were candid, honest, and the perfect juxtaposition to the unfortunate reality Central Floridians currently live in; that they can’t have their dream jobs and their dream homes. But, Habitat is working towards a solution to make housing affordable for all hardworking families. Something we can all take part in.

The Results

Our hard work in creating a campaign that demonstrates the urgent need for affordable housing in our community didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, it drove nearly 4 million impressions, a 33% year-over-year increase in website traffic, a click-through-rate 64% higher than the industry benchmark and even won at both the Orlando and District level Addy Awards, representing the best in video for the entire state of Florida and the Caribbean. But most importantly, it reminded us all to keep dreaming.

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