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“Friends Trust Friends”

&Barr’s campaign drove a 23% year-over-year increase in arrivals to The Palm Beaches.

To correct misperceptions and promote awareness of everything The Palm Beaches have to offer, &Barr created a campaign that would resonate with multiple segments, especially Millennials.

What We Did

Branding/Concept Generation, Creative (All Mediums), Digital/Mobile, Media Planning & Buying, Social Media

How It Mattered

Palm Beach County was grappling with a perception problem. Mainly that it was seen as a setting for the “well-off” few, not the “anyone at all” crowd. &Barr created a campaign that would challenge that, offering not only an accurate perspective, but the actual perspective of visitors themselves.

205 million paid media impressions, a 240% increase YOY.


From our research, we learned that people trusted referrals and reviews more than destination-generated messaging. This led to the creation of the “Friends Trust Friends. Not Ads.” campaign, which utilized user-generated content to promote The Palm Beaches. Visitor photos, as well as their handles, added authenticity and credibility to the campaign and destination itself.

7.9% YOY increase in domestic visitation.


While intended to be a short-term campaign, the campaign’s overwhelming success led to it being extended by Discover The Palm Beaches.

29% YOY increase in visitation to the client website.

23% YOY increase in arrivals to the destination.


Each digital impression was 66% more effective at driving destination visits.

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