City Works Eatery & Pour House

Influencer Relations

Leveraging influencers to support a top tier brand.

How &Barr helped City Works create a seamless influencer experience that resulted in tangible business outcomes.

What We Did

Influencer Relations, Internal Communications, Public Relations

How It Mattered

The metrics recorded throughout the campaign provided valuable data for future influencer marketing initiatives and further optimization of City Works’s influencer relations strategy.

Defining the Influencer Experience

&Barr collaborated closely with City Works to establish a comprehensive influencer experience. Influencers were offered a complimentary dining experience for themselves and a guest. This included two appetizers, two entrées, two desserts, and two beverages. In return, influencers were expected to create a series of three to five Instagram stories and an in-feed reel, maximizing reach and engagement.

Targeting Local Micro-Influencers

Understanding the limited budget, &Barr recommended focusing on local micro-influencers. While these influencers may have smaller follower counts, they boast highly engaged audiences and create content tailored to their local communities. &Barr conducted extensive research to identify influencers aligned with the brands’ target audiences, tones, and personas. Authenticity, engagement rates, and follower counts were carefully considered to ensure each influencer could help achieve the marketing goals of the respective brands

Influencer Coordination

&Barr played a pivotal role in facilitating communication between the influencers and the restaurants. Acting as the liaison, the agency coordinated all logistics for the dine, working closely with each location’s General Manager. This approach aimed to ensure that every influencer received a VIP experience and that the restaurants were fully prepared to provide exceptional service.

Content Monitoring and Performance Tracking

Following the completion of each influencer’s dine, &Barr closely monitored their social media platforms for deliverables. All content produced by the influencers was meticulously collected and shared with the City Works team. By tracking the performance metrics associated with each influencer’s content, the agency provided valuable insights into the campaign’s effectiveness and impact on the business.

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