Self-Promotion & Agency Hijinks

We create work that makes us happy and curls our toes. Sometimes, it wins awards.

The benefit of being your own client is that you can flex your creative muscles at whim. This is us flexing.

For the Love of Advertising

To promote our &Barr Live learn-at-lunch series that featured the movie “Art & Copy,” we focused on what we loved about advertising (which is pretty much everything).

Every good campaign needs a good tease. So we created fake Tinder profiles for various ad legends and placed them around the agency. Next, we hung up posters that invited people to attend the showing. We provided the popcorn; the legends provided the inspiration.


In celebration of the annual Star Wars Day holiday, we did all Star Wars, all day. Beginning with The &Barr Rebel Brunch and ending with an &AckBarr Happy Hour. From what we remember, it was pretty fun.


For Mother’s Day, we asked some of our moms to describe what we did for a living. The responses were as enlightening as they were endearing, and proved to us that even after umpteen years, our moms still don’t understand our career choices. But, hey, at least they got a bonus call from their kids! Win-win!

dAddy Awards

We decided to create our own awards to show our agency dads how awesome they are, including the agency’s founder Pete Barr, Sr. Check out our Instagram feed for the resulting tears of appreciation, which may or may not have been Photoshopped.


In the world of improv, “Yes, and…” is a device that furthers the story by welcoming exploration and growth. In the case of this poster series, it was the catalyst for telling unexpected stories with even more unexpected endings.