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It’s one thing to make a creative product. It’s our thing to make it relevant.

Our creative is driven by results—and informed by insights, research and strategy. Okay, but what does that really mean, right? It means mixing science and strategy. Blending data and demos. It means being informed which, really, means everything. So how do we do this? By creating a strategy for your brand that’s founded on reliable research, solid analytics and savvy consumer insights. Once we have informed insights, we can translate the data into truly actionable items. Why do we do that? So we can drive market testing and audience modeling. All this ladders up to the bigger picture, which is generating a user engagement and user experience—all based on data. Sound simple? It’s not. But it sure is effective in delivering results for our clients.

What goes into Research & Strategy at &Barr?

  • Brand Strategy
  • Research & Consumer Insights
  • User Engagement
  • User Experience
  • Market Testing
  • Audience Modeling
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