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Tim Carvalho

Sr. Art Director

“Go-getter” may be an accurate way to describe Tim, but it really just skims the surface of a man who’s creatively driven and ridiculously talented. Sure, he could’ve worked anywhere after earning his masters from SCAD, but he chose Orlando. And while it may be his love of theme parks that drew him here, it was his appreciation of &Barr’s creative culture that helped him become our Senior Art Director. It’s a role that Tim doesn’t take lightly, ready to provide senior art direction to &Barr’s clients, as well as mentorship and creative thought leadership. A Harry Potter fan who still awaits his acceptance letter from Hogwarts (and who doesn’t?), Tim brings with him a vast amount of award-winning skills and experience that includes brands like Walt Disney World, Andre Agassi Foundation, Martin’s Guitar Strings and Hard Rock Hotel, to name just a few. Whatever your sorcerific ways, Tim, we’re happy you’ve been sorted into our house.