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Tanya Bernadotte

Media Buyer / Planner

Young and hungry, Tanya is the kind of Media Buyer anyone would want on their team. She’s savvy with her negotiation skills and effective with her buys, making her an asset to our Media and Analytics team. Once she masters your marketing goal and target audiences, she goes right to work in finding the media buys that puts your creative in the hands of who matters most.

Originally from West Palm Beach, Tanya is one of our favorite kinds of employees, with a full circle story starting as an intern early on in her career. She took her jam-packed skillset and dream-big mentality to LA where she worked as Media Assistant for Horizon Media, soon getting a much-deserved promotion to Media Buyer.

But her desire for growth didn’t stop there. School and more degrees brought her back to Orlando where she worked locally as a Media Buyer for Jerry Defalco and Moxē. The way her hardworking and fun-loving values aligned with &Barr brought her right back here, bringing with her the amazing personality we loved as an intern with the new experience and wisdom to match.