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Shawn Greer

Director of Production

With as many moving parts as an advertising agency has, efficiency is everything. And if there’s one thing executive producer and director of production Shawn Greer understands, it’s efficiency. A natural problem-solver with an eye for detail and a mind for MacGyvering her way into unique solutions, Shawn joins the team at &Barr from Nickelodeon, where she directed studio operations and strategic direction for over fifty attractions on five continents. Regardless of client or continent, Shawn makes sure the environment she’s in is a fun one—a practice stemming from the idea that you can’t create fun for others unless you’re having fun yourself. Ask Shawn her favorite part about &Barr and she won’t hesitate to tell you about the culture fit she’s found here: both in and outside of her team, the cross-department collaboration serves as a constant reminder that she’s where she belongs.