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Scout Stowe


Born Elizabeth Stowe, the story of how she got her nickname of “Scout” is a jaw-dropping, celebrity-studded tale augmented by astounding coincidence that will elicit more than a few tears. Unfortunately, that’s not what this bio’s about. It’s about talent. Lots of it. And Scout has it in spades. A creative force to be reckoned with, Scout has mad computer skills that she puts to the test every day, whether it’s designing a logo, coding banner ads or art directing some tasty print pieces. Beyond her rockin’ design chops, Scout brings with her an unwavering hunger to do great work that wows our clients. Something she did before she actually started her position at &Barr. (If her old boss is reading this, please disregard that last sentence.) In fact, we knew she’d fit right in from her first phone interview with our Creative Director, Rob, which went something like this:


Rob: “You went to Lake Brantley High School?!? I was a male cheerleader there!”
(Slight pause.)
Scout: “Thank you for your service.”


Yep. Fit right in.