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Rob Bloom

VP / Creative Director

Rob loves ideas. Not a middle-school-crush kind of love, but a full-on Bogey-and-Bacall kind of spark that can be felt in the next room. His smile is infectious, and his laughter has the ability to overpower even the biggest curmudgeon of a client, not that we have any of those. An award-winningest creative, Rob’s extensive experience includes having written for the Cartoon Network, The Onion, McSweeney’s and NPR. He even had a short screenplay produced by the Upright Citizens Brigade, which played in 20,000 theaters nationwide. Impressed yet? Hold on to your Muppets-themed socks. Because in addition to all that writerliness, Rob has also worked for some of the best agencies in the country, including Moxie, 22squared and J. Walter Thompson. So, what brought him to &Barr? Fate, though the fact that he started his advertising career as an intern at then Fry Hammond Barr may have something to do with it. Today, Rob’s instrumental in leading the agency’s creative renaissance, truly transforming everything from the work we produce to the smiles on people’s faces. Add to it that he also has a cow named after him in Kenya, and you can see that he’s an astoundingly special person who also happens to make everyone around him feel special, too.