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Meg Rosenoff

Jr. Copywriter

Ask Meg what she does for a living and she’ll likely say, “I use my slightly creepy obsession with words to create brand experiences.” Thankfully, Meg’s kind of creepiness is something we actually look for. Especially since, as &Barr’s Jr. Copywriter, she’s expected to use words a lot. A gosh darn proud graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, Meg comes to &Barr hungry and driven. Having worked at The Agency, UF’s internal ad agency, she already knows a thing or two about advertising. In fact, as a student, Meg pitched Fox Sports a TV spot to raise foster care awareness and it’s currently being produced in LA. A taste of that “win” has driven Meg to want more. Way more. Like, a gobzillion more. That passion is what led her to &Barr, an agency that she describes as “respected and revered.” With such great taste, no wonder we were inspired to say, “Hey, that girl Meg? She’s our kind of crazy.” And she most definitely is.