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Larissa Hopkins


One thing you figure out within the first five minutes chatting with Larissa is that she’s one smart cookie who knows what she’s talking about. And what does she talk about? Digital media. As a senior member of the &Barr Digital Media Team, Larissa spends her days planning and buying digital media for a variety of &Barr clients, as well as helping to mold the minds of our junior associates. Her proudest achievement? Working on the Sonny’s BBQ account and being able to build their digital presence with successful campaigns while generating a positive ROAS. (Seriously, that’s what she said.) Ask her what she loves most about &Barr and she’ll say the company culture and our Halloween bashes, which are reason enough to work here. When not doing what she does to help our clients grow, Larissa is an avid home chef and all-around food aficionado. Good thing she also leads our exercise group, &Barrbell. Way to work it, Larissa!