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Larissa Hopkins

Digital Media Supervisor

Goal-oriented Larissa is just as strategic as she is passionate. As a Digital Media Supervisor, she knows exactly what will make your digital media plan tick. Larissa’s strong negotiation skills pair perfectly with her ability to think about the big picture.

Before &Barr, you would have found Larissa at CBS Radio’s Digital Sales Department where she trafficked ads to the site, helped manage promotions and even dipped her toes in some voiceover jobs. Media planning is made for the detail-oriented—something Larissa is proud to be. And when it comes to partnering with a client to reach maximum reach and awareness, there’s no one better than her. For Badcock Home Furniture &more, Larissa is a key player in managing the moving parts and making the brand’s media goals achievable. Her expertise benefits other &Barr clients such as Sonny’s BBQ, Rosen Hotels, Florida Virtual School and more.

But Larissa’s talents go beyond the Media brief—&Barrians know her for her exceptional baked goods and generous nature. Being goal-oriented is something that drives her personal life, too. Larissa’s an ACE Certified Personal Trainer currently training for long-distance running.