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Jennifer Cibulas


Do a Google search for “Jennifer Cibulas” and what do you find? Well, that there aren’t a whole lot of “Jennifer Cibulas” out there, for one thing. In fact, Jennifer pretty much owns it, in more ways than one. A welcomed member to the &Barr Account Team, Jennifer is integral to planning, coordinating and managing project campaigns for a number of &Barr clients, including Sonny’s BBQ and ActivEngage. In addition to possessing a sun-shiny personality, Jennifer loves traveling, cheering on the Ole Miss Rebels, spending time with her husband and West Highland White Terrier, Rowan, and watching just about anything on Bravo. She’s also an avid astrology buff, so when Pluto is passing over her moon you better watch out! (Insert shoulder shrug here.) Thanks for being you, Jennifer!