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Jean Breunle


Think you got skills? Let us tell you about skills. Specifically, those belonging to Jean Breunle. As one of &Barr’s Integrated Producers, Jean brings it. And by “it” we mean smarts. We mean expertise. We mean a freakish love of proofreading that borders on unnatural. Which is awesome, seeing that as our Integrated Producer, she’s tasked with producing and trafficking all aspects of integrated creative projects throughout the entire job’s life cycle. (Try saying that a few times fast.) While she has a long career of managing people and projects in multiple industries, as well as two adorable cherub-like kids, it’s especially fun to note her very first job out of college was at an ad agency. So it’s only perfect that after “ahem” years, she’s come back to her agency roots. And what brought her specifically to &Barr? “The personality, the creative work and the diversity of the employees who are extraordinarily attractive.” Well, maybe we added that last bit, but we’re sure she’ll agree. Thanks for being part of the hottest agency in Orlando, Jean! And you can take that any way you want.