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Grace Midtgard

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager Grace Midtgard is a modern creative powerhouse, managing Social Media accounts from content creation all the way down to community management and reporting. Proud to have grown up in the “Age of Social Media”, she says creating and following content almost feels like second nature. She joins the team from Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she helped her previous agency’s Social Media department see a 48% growth during her tenure. Grace has valuable experience in a wide range of verticals including healthcare, retail, insurance, transportation, nonprofits, and political campaigns. She’ll study your brand tirelessly to find what makes your voice unique and how to best capture your brand’s values in a social strategy that’s sure to be noticed. Grace wields content creation skills including short-form video editing, shooting, and talent management. Grace dedicates time daily to analyze engagement data, find correlations in user interactions, and follow trends within each platform’s community. She works with the Digital Analytics team and Account Service to define the most important KPIs while providing in-depth reporting and insights. Count on Grace to keep your brand not only relevant within current Social trends, but beloved with thoughtful and strategic content.

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